Custom Made Awnings Sydney

Designed By You, Installed By Us

No one knows your outdoor living area better than you. After all, we’re not the ones who spend every weekend entertaining guests, spending time with the family or relaxing in your favourite spot.

That’s why at Aalta, we do more than offer you a versatile range of custom made awnings in Sydney. We take the time to understand what makes your outdoor living space unique… and how we can make it even better for you.

With our in-depth consultation process, we make sure you receive the best product for your lifestyle needs. It’s simply a matter of choosing from our expansive range of products to find the right match.

Retractable Roofs

An Aalta Retractable Roof is the perfect addition to your home or commercial area if what you are looking for is an outdoor living area.

The roof is made of weather proof PVC polyester fabric, which when retracted concertinas back along a light weight track system to completely open up the roof area. When extended, the roof is held under tension making it extremely resilient to winds and rain.

The difference with a retractable roof to permanent roof structures is that you have full control over your outdoor environment – whether it’s to keep out the sun’s rays, protect you from the rain or enjoy the open skies. You have the ability to furnish your deck, courtyard, or backyard with outdoor furniture, lighting and even heating, knowing that you will be protected from most weather conditions.

We offer a variety of options such as a timber frame, aluminium frame, a custom-made frame or your own existing pergola and work with you so that your retractable roof will integrate seamlessly with the existing building and not look like an ‘add-on’.

With a focus on design and quality we aim to transform your area into an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor living space so you can enjoy the outdoors for more months of the year!

Folding Arm Awnings

Made from high UV rated acrylic fabric, a Folding Arm Awning protects you from the harsh sun. The acrylic fabric comes in a wide range of modern and traditional colours and is highly resistant to mould and fungus growth. We offer a wide range of dynamic powder coat colours for the frame, arms and hood to suit your home

With the option of a manual or motorised operation, you can fold the awning in-and-out whenever the occasion suits you. Sun and motions sensors can be fitted to your awning so you can relax, knowing your awning will be out when the sun is out, or retracted in high winds.

With different designs to choose from you can create your own custom made awnings in Sydney.

Patio Awnings

A patio awning is ideal for reducing heat transfer over glass roofs, underneath pergolas, on patios, verandahs or courtyards.

The awnings are made from corrosion resistant and powder-coated frames with either acrylic or polyester mesh fabrics to protect you from extreme heat. The electronic remote operation makes it easy to retract when bad weather comes your way. When retracted, the awning fabric is completely rolled up inside the head box, creating a neat, clean-lined structure over the area.

When installed with additional sun and wind sensors – you’ll always be ready for unexpected wind or temperature rises.

Sombra Shade Sail

The Sombra Shade Sail is an attractive, cost-effective concertina-type retractable shade system. The structure retracts along stainless steel cables avoiding the need for heavy overhead tracks. When extended, the fabric creates soft billowy shapes and provide protection from the sun. When retracted it folds neatly away stacking on one end.

The Sombra can be fixed to existing structures such as pergolas and houses or between posts making it the perfect option for shade over pool areas, decks and gardens.

It is made from the highest grade stainless steel cables and pulleys, and is available in polyester mesh, acrylic or PVC fabric. With the option to motorise (for structures less than 8m in projection) the Sombra Shade Sail is totally custom-made to suit your needs.

Drop Arm Awnings

If you’re looking to protect your windows from the harsh sun – a Drop Arm Awning is just for you.

The FR600 Drop Arm Awning can be manually adjusted to pivot at a variety of angles. So you can choose the optimum level of shade based on the sun’s position.

Our Federation Awnings combine traditional looks with modern technology.

You can customise these awnings to have motorised function, sun and wind sensors, fabrics, mounting methods and hoods.

Straight Drop Awnings

A Straight Drop Awning is ideal for balconies, verandahs and windows.

They can be installed outside to cover your glass doors or windows, which provide you with privacy and protection from the sun.

Just like many of our awnings, you can manually operate your awning or have it motorised for greater convenience.

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