Aalta endeavours on a project with traces of inspiration from Frank Loyd Wright's organic architecture.

Organic architecture


Aalta Australia is continually looking for new ways to assist our customers to achieve their ideal outdoor living space. We believe everyone should enjoy life outdoors as much as possible. Being outdoors evokes feelings of rejuvenation and re-connection to those around you and nature.

Frank Loyd Wright Portrait

Portrait | Frank Loyd Wright


Frank Loyd Wright, perhaps one of America's most famous architects, had fervent love for nature and he used his appreciation to inform his architectural design. Frank Loyd Wright's masterpiece home 'Falling Water' is a pinnacle of modern architecture. Wright was commissioned to design a summer camp by the Kaufmann family in 1936 in the beautiful natural landscapes of Southwest Pennsylvania. The vacation home was to be located near a favourite swimming hole of the Kaufmann family named 'Bear Run'. Wright, being the innovative genius he was, decided not to take advantage of the water system as a wonderful view but decided he would build the home over the running water. He imagined the waterfall becoming part of the Kaufmann's lives on a more intimate level than merely visual. The sounds and vibrations of the 30ft of running water would resonate all through the house providing a 24/7 tranquil soundtrack to the Kaufmann family's ears.


Fallingwater_ Frank Loyd Wright

Exterior view of Frank Loyd Wright's architectural masterpiece 'Falling Water'

Exterior Falling Water

Organic architecture at its finest


Organic architecture

Falling Waters design is as if it grew naturally out of the hills of Pennsylvania


Recently, Aalta completed a retractable roof project in Sydney's Castlecrag where our team was challenge to integrate an aluminium support frame into a natural rock bed. The end product entailed a strong aesthetic design and incorporated elements of Frank Wright's organic architecture.

Awning | retractable roof | Castle Craig, Sydney

Aalta's Duet retractable roof recently installed in Castlecrag, Sydney


Awnings Sydney

Retractable awning, Castlecrag Sydney


Although the Sydney family home's exterior is yet to be furnished and completed we believe we have granted them a retractable roof that will serve as the foundations of an outdoor living environment. The space will soon be used to entertain, dine, relax and enjoy on countless occasions.