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Duet retractable roof | Far more than just an awning

At Aalta we strive to help you realise and acquire your ideal outdoor and indoor living spaces. Indeed sometimes a simple retractable shade sail or folding arm awning will be enough to satisfy the needs of our customers in providing them with shade and/or privacy. However we really get excited when our product facilitates a shift in how one views and uses their outdoor space. This is why we get a great sense of joy and excitement when we install a Duet or a Papilio retractable roof. These products truly enhance ones ability to utilise their outdoor space as the retractable roofs provide a dynamic space that is modifiable and functional.

As opposed to folding arm awnings, Aalta’s retractable roofs provide complete protection against most weather conditions. The vinyl fabric that spans the projection and width of the roof structure remains under significant tension when the roof is out allowing it to shed water to the front gutter, directing the water into a down pipe which then leads to either storm water drainage or a water tank. Its capability to effectively withstand wet weather makes it extremely useful on those wetter days where you feel like getting some fresh air outdoors as the space under the canopy of the retractable roof will stay dry as a bone (unless the rain is extreme and coming in on a sharp direction through the side).

When the sun is out and shining you have the control to retract the roof with a click of a button to fully take advantage of the beautiful sunshine. When the sun turns blood orange and sets in the distant horizon and the stars and the moon are shining bright you can keep your roof open to take some time to snuggle into your sofa and gaze up at a beautiful night sky.

Aalta’s retractable roofs really bring outdoor spaces alive. Their contemporary aesthetic and effective functionality render the roofs as a valuable asset to any outdoor area.

Below are some images of a Duet retractable roof Aalta completed in Roseville, Sydney earlier this year.


Retractable roof, Roseville Sydney

Retractable roof against the warm colours of Sydney’s AutumnRetractable roof - 4 - Roseville Sydney  Retractable roof acting as a cost effective extension of the Sydney home

Retractable roof, Roseville Sydney

The retractable roofs front gutter to effectively shed water into a down pipe, keeping the space underneath the canopy nice and dry.

Retractable roof, Roseville Sydney

Painted timber finish and embedded lighting – A delightful aesthetic




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Photographs by Dylan Goodearl.


20 July, 2017