Liberty Retractable Roof | North Balgowlah

About this project

Our greatest joy at Aalta is walking away from a client’s site knowing that our product will bring them joy, good use and an enhanced sense of living. This particular job at North Balgowlah definitely delivered and both our team and our friendly clients were extremely satisfied with the result. After finding Aalta through a simple Google search, Aalta met with the North Balgowlah resident to discuss the prospect of integrating some sort of weather and shade protection into their outdoor space. The residency was to be renovated, so our team had a flexible framework to implicate bespoke design and that candid Aalta flair.

Working with the clients, the architect and the builder, the Aalta team proposed an alteration to the original design, which entailed a skillion roof meeting the retractable roof at the apex of a traditional triangular roof shape. Our proposed alteration was to offset the two roofs so they appeared to be two separate structures that would in turn shed water and provide an equal amount of protection as a traditional shaped roof.

The design was well accepted by all parties and it was to be rolled out over the following few weeks. Working closely with the builder, the Aalta installation team successfully erected the planned design which spanned 4.m by 4.3m projection, and the results were great.

The outcome is that the job has an interesting aesthetic, as it challenges the conventions of standard architecture that you find in many homes. The area became one to marvel at, one to enjoy, one to utilise and one to love. Our clients were very pleased and we walked away happy knowing that our designs and product will  bring an enriched quality of life for years to come.

If creating a functional outdoor living space is something that interests you, or if you have any question regarding our products or services, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team.


20 October, 2017