Papilio Retractable Roof | Balgowlah

About this project

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What is the point of having a space that you cannot utilise under certain conditions? Its like having shoes that are slightly too small, or a car that only starts half the time. Situations or things like these inhibit your lifestyle, yet once rectified or replaced, will enhance your sense of well-being. A retractable roof will allow you to use your outdoor space no matter what the weather conditions are.

With Aalta being based in Manly, Sydney, we were rather thrilled to receive an enquiry from a friendly client in our neighbouring suburb, Balgowlah. After arranging a site visit we called around on a fine summers day to find a beautiful deck area. As Richard, our head designer talked with our client it became quickly obvious as to how our product would be useful for this space. Here are some photos of the space before the pergola and retractable roof was installed.

Richard proposed a custom designed retractable roof that would continue the aesthetic created by the stained timber decking and handrail. The retractable roof would provide temperature control and shelter from the summer sun, as well as a privacy screen giving privacy from the neighbours. Ultimately the retractable roof would open the space as an area that could be utilised no matter what the weather was doing. After some sketches and design proposals, our client became excited about the project and we got to work installing.

We recently returned to the site to check in with the client and to take some photos of the job. The Syzygium that were planted around the pergola/deck area had growth a good deal and brought a vibrancy and a sense of life to the space. There was a light hiss as the cool winters breeze passed between the leaves of the trees, ventilating the alfresco space. The opaque fabric chosen by our clients let enough light in to retain sense of weightlessness within the space whilst the neutral tones of the wood stain, white post paint and the light fabric colour harmoniously accentuated the greens of the Lilly Pillys. What was quite notable too, was just how private the space became with the roof extended out. All in all, we were happy with the end result of the space we helped create and we know our clients were too. Another alfresco space created, and another job well done.



11 July, 2018