Retractable shade sails not only provide you with shade on very hot summer days, but transform your outdoor area, giving it a wonderful nautical feel that is sure to quickly become your favourite “3rd space”.

Made and designed in Italy by Corradi, shade sails bring together stunning sculptural designs and nautical technology to give you shade with style, durability and strength.

All sails retract and extend by furling around a central mast and can be motorised or manually operated. For motorised shade sails, you have the option of adding wind and rain sensors which will automatically retract the sail in the case of inclement weather.

The sails utilise ropes made from Dyneema and Vectran, which are both well-known fibres used in the sailing industry on some of the world’s best boats. The hardware is made from marine-grade stainless steel and the sails are available in three Dacron fabrics – white, sand and burgundy.


The Defense Shade Sail by Corradi is a self-standing shading structure comprising two roll-up sails on a horizontal profile supported by a sculpted single pole.  It is the perfect option for smaller or odd-shaped external courtyards or decks as it can be anchored to the ground or moved around as required. With 360 degree rotation, you have complete flexibility in where you position it to gain maximum shade.

The Defense Wall Mounted uses the same organic lines as the Defense but anchors to the wall, giving you more available floor space and scope to create your perfect outdoor living area. The Wall Mounted Defense rotates 90 degrees, once again allowing you more options for sun protection.

Defense Shade Sail s are available in two different sizes – 2.9m x 2.9m or 3.4m x 3.4m.



The Maestral Shade sail by Corradi is a self-supporting structure consisting of four wall-mounted poles or brackets without wind bracing.  The shade sail consists of two triangular sails that roll up onto an anodized aluminium profile. Various types of anchorage are available: 4 poles, 1 bracket and 3 poles, 2 brackets and 2 poles, 3 brackets and 1 pole or 4 brackets. The structure and sails can be square or rectangular, with 90° corners. Made in Dacron®, the shade sails open and close thanks to a motor inside the roller profile and are operated via remote control or manually. A manually-operated version is also available. The motorized version is fitted with a wind gauge, which automatically closes the sail in the event of strong wind.

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