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Shade Sails Sydney


Shade Sails Sydney is our business – That’s why it is integral to Aalta that we supply only the highest quality shade sail systems; guaranteeing maximum functionality, longevity and aesthetics. Our range of quality shade sails can be easily integrated into any outdoor environment, whether it be over a pool or a lounging deck area. The beauty of the shade sails range is that the products do not require heavy support structures to be installed. The shade sails can simply be installed between an existing stable structure and opposing vertical posts. In this sense the shade sails canopy appears  weightless and elegant, suspended amidst its outdoor environment. The light weight design of the shade sails render them a perfect product to shade larger areas. Like the rest of Aalta’s quality shade systems, the shade sails come with the option to be operated electronically or manually. The electronic operation uses a wireless remote control or wall switch whilst the manual operation utilises a smooth pulley system similar to those used on yachts. Ultimately, our shade sail systems are designed to protect our customers from the harsh Australian sun. We believe it is important to have outdoor areas that can be utilised and enjoyed as much as possible, because spending time outdoors is important, and keeping sun safe is essential!

Shade Sails Sydney – The range

Indeed choosing the right shade system for your outdoor area can be a daunting task. If you find yourself in this position please click here on anywhere on the banner below to get in contact our friendly team, we will be happy to help out!