Indeed the warmer months are around the corner. Yet again us Australians will be taking out our rotating fans and reaching for our air-conditioning controls to try stay cool this summer! Curiosity drove the team at Aalta to unveil the techniques ancient civilisations used to stay cool. At the bottom of the numerous ingenious techniques these civilisations implemented to beat the heat, we found that creativity, logic and design were at core of their cooling solutions.

Let us take you back in time to ancient Egypt, where parched sandy plains quivered under the heat of the relentless red sun. The Egyptian people hung water soaked reeds over windows and door ways cooling the air as it passed through. The Egyptians also used large water filled pots in hallways and open rooms to try to regulate the blistering temperatures. The pots, holding large bodies of water radiated cool air through the house holds.

Let us now head North across the Mediterranean Sea to Rome. The ancient Romans used aqueducts to mitigate the strain of the hot Roman sun. The word aqueduct is derived from the Latin aqua meaning ‘water’ and ducere meaning ‘to lead’. The aqueduct systems were used to transport water from a water reservoir to the city using navigable channels where the water would flow into plazas, public baths, latrines and private households; keeping them cool and fresh.

In Moorish Spain architecture was used to combat the extreme temperatures. The designs of many of the building incorporated deep-set widows to maximise the amount of shade a premise would receive, while reflective pools and trickly fountains cooled the air and provided a tranquil element of feng shui.

Aalta wishes we were around to assist these ancient civilisations with their thermoregulating - but unfortunately, we were not operating in 753 BC. Instead we are proud to bring modern Sydney families and businesses relief from the ruthless Australian sun by providing a large array of quality and customisation shade solutions. If you are looking to prepare for this Summers heat, and have any questions about how integrating shade solutions into your home or business will help, please feel free to contact our friendly team. Stay cool!

Roman aqueducts B/W

Roman aqueduct spanning across an Italian valley | Talking about ahead of its time!

Staying cool in summer | Sydney awnings

Greek reflection pools were used in ancient architecture to regulate the hot temperatures.