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For those of you who want to know a little bit about our history here is our story…we will try to keep it brief!

Aalta Australia is owned by husband and wife team, Richard and Beatrice.

It seems that furnishings and design runs in the blood stream of the Goodearl name. It all began in 1870 when William Goodearl started his chair and furnishing business in England and by the 1880s William and his four sons worked together in what was then known as Goodearl Bros.

William’s grandsons George Herbert Goodearl and Richard Goodearl (jnr) immigrated to Australia in 1886 to start Goodearl Bros Australia where they assembled and distributed the furniture made by their family in England. Unfortunately, the Australian market at the time was not ready for this high quality furniture so the brothers decided to start an upholstery division and eventually added bedding to their range of products. This proved to be a very successful business venture and their innovative spirit led them to make the first inner spring mattress in Australia!

old photos

Sometime before the turn of the century the company moved into manufacturing canvas goods such as blinds, awnings, tents and tarps.  From a humble beginning the canvas section grew quite large, and the family business seemed assured of a rosy future.

George Herbert was looking towards retirement and after losing his business partner in 1912, his son George Richard, who had joined the company in 1920 was being groomed as the next proprietor. Sadly he too passed away some 11 years later.

The company, then named Goodearls Pty Ltd was passed down to George Richard’s sisters Annie Mabel and Clarice, and his widowed wife, Jessie. This left the company with a series of managers but in the post-World War II period they faced problems with obtaining stocks and declining sales – a succession of mishaps seemed to follow until the then manager resigned.

In 1957 the Goodearl ladies transferred the company to Jessie’s son, David George (aged 25) and Gordon Bailey (aged 30), who both worked in the business. In order to salvage the company David and Gordon sold the Kent Street property, relocated to Mascot and closed the bedding section, which was trading at a huge loss.  The company name was changed to Goodearl & Bailey Pty Ltd in 1972. Gordon Bailey and David Goodearl retired in 1995.

David & Gordon

The trading section of the business was equally transferred to Michael Duggan (Manager) and Richard Goodearl (David’s son and employee) and after six years of trading, they split the company. Michael took the piece goods sale part and kept the name Goodearl & Baily, of which his daughter still trades under.

Richard renamed the company Goodearl Fabric Systems (GFS) and continued to manufacture awnings and retractable roofs for wholesale customers. Richard’s experience, industry contacts, and passion for design led him to focus on creating outdoor living spaces for homes and commercial properties. Aalta Screens Systems was established as a trading name for GFS and serviced the retail market.

Due to the financial strains put on Australian manufacturing companies, GFS was closed in 2014. Richard kept Aalta Screen Systems and rebranded it to Aalta Australia. In April 2015, Beatrice joined the company and by 2017 the team consisted of Alison Walker in sales, Mike Twemlow in installations, Dylan Goodearl in marketing and regular interns in various roles. Aalta operates under an efficient management systems, with our values grounded in honesty, respect, integrity and reliability. Our products, services and interactions with each other, our customers, our community and our environment come from these values.

With this rich history in the furniture, bedding, canvas and outdoor spaces industries, it’s no wonder Aalta Australia’s successful future lies in beautiful outdoor areas that provide shade and shelter from the elements for its clients.

We want to work with you to help you create a fantastic outdoor area. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and see how together we can transform your outdoor area…