Louvre Roofs

Operable Louvre Roof over outdoor area


With Aalta's louvre roofs, you can create an outdoor area that is protected from the sun, wind and rain, so you can enjoy the space in all seasons.

If you would like to see how you can transform your outdoor space or if you would like more information, contact Aalta, we'd love to help!

Operable Louvre Roofs

Operable Louvre Roofs are the next level in all-weather protection, and are the ultimate in creating an outdoor living space.


Features include:

  • Blades rotate up to 130 degrees to provide air flow into the space below
  • Blades can be tilted to meet the angle of the sun, for maximum shade
  • The blade is flat at the bottom and tapered at the top to drain water and keep the roof water-tight
  • This trapezoidal blade design allows for seamless integration between the building’s ceiling and the louvre roof
  • The roofs are motorised with a remote control operation, mobile apps and timers are also available
  • The range of styles include a flat roof (1-degree pitch for water harvesting), skillion roof, box frame, tapered frame or you can have your own frame built with a louvre roof retro fitted

Retractable Louvre Roofs

A Retractable Louvre Roof is a retractable covering system custom made to size to protect against sun, wind and rain.


Features include:

  • The blades fully retracts to open up the area without the overhead structure showing, allowing you to enjoy the open skies
  • The standard blades are 320mm wide
  • A discreet gutter catches the rainwater and makes it drain directly in the vertical posts.
  • The louvre roofs are motorised with remote control operation and can be integrated with your smart home or building
  • The aluminium runners come in white or iron stone grey. Other colours are available at additional cost
  • The pergola can be either attached to your building or installed as a standalone system

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