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Folding Arm Awning
folding arm awnings sydney
folding arm awnings sydney
Folding Arm Awning

Folding Arm Awnings

Aalta’s stylish and contemporary folding arm awnings are an essential component to any outdoor living area when all you are after is protection from the sun. With a maximum projection of 3.5m, our folding arm awnings will provide shade over your deck, patio or courtyard, helping your beers and bubbles stay cold on those hot summer days! Without the need of posts and framework, folding arm awnings are a cost-effective alternative to permanent structures.  With the various options of cassetted hoods, the folding arm awnings retract neatly away so that unsightly mechanisms are not visible.

Technical information:

  • All components are manufactured to ISO9001 and TUV certification
  • Extruded aluminium parts provide durability
  • All fastening materials are made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Front rail water drainage systems are available on some models
  • High UV rated, acrylic outdoor fabrics shed dirt, and resist mould and fungus
  • Awnings are manufactured in Australia from European components
  • Full five year warranty on parts
Folding Arm Awning
BX Series
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The BX260 and BX270 folding arm awnings are sleek and streamlined in their design. The hood and front rail of the BX260 has a more organic shape than the BX270, which has a square hood and angular front rail. Both awnings have a closed cassette system which fully protects the fabric, even in places that are not sheltered from the sun, wind and rain. The awnings are available in five standard extensions: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m and 3.5m.

Click here to download technical information on the BX series.

Folding Arm Awning
Folding Arm Awning
Folding Arm Awning


The PR series awnings are the most cost-effective options of our folding arm awning range. With no cassette, the PR210 is the perfect option to mount under eaves, where full overhead protection is provided by the building. The PR220 has a small overhead cover over the roller, which helps protect the fabric from the sun and rain when there is no eave on the building. The maximum projection for the PR series is 3.5m

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The TC130 Folding Arm awning features a compact design and a closed cassette to fully protect the fabric and components when retracted. With a maximum width of 5.5m and projection of 3m, the TC130 is a more cost-effective alternative to the BX series when a larger awning is not required. During installation, the angle can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees, depending on the mounting type, to maximise how much shade is needed throughout the day.

Click here to download the TC130 brochure.

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The CA430 Folding Arm Awning has a fully enclosed cassette making it suitable for installations that are not protected from the wind or rain.

Thanks to a clever water drainage system, no water can penetrate the box when the awning is closed, so the fabric condition is preserved. The box and extension pole (if required) are made from extruded, powder-coated aluminium, and all fastening materials are made from high quality stainless steel. The CA430 can span with a maximum width of 7m and extension of 3.5m. The robust arms with integrated tension springs are designed for frequent use so you can be sure of enjoying many sunny summers in the shade.

Click here to download a technical data sheet.

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