At Aalta, we are big advocates of outdoor living in any weather. From relaxing on the patio with your Ugg boots and a good book to comfortable alfresco dining, there is no reason a bit of bad weather should spoil your plans. How to make outdoor living inviting in winter When you think of winter
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Have a new awning and want to keep it looking good Fabrics used are of the highest quality and have been treated to resist mould and mildew General markings from outside elements such as leaves, bird droppings and dirt are inevitable
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To protect our team and clients we are amending our work practices during this health crisis. What’s changing? We will conduct our initial consultation over the phone and issue our clients with a quotation based on our phone consultation, which will be subject to site inspection – using photos, basic dimensions and online video conferencing if required.
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Protecting Your Family from the Harsh Australian Sun

Are you protecting your family from the sun’s harmful effects? While there’s no doubt that the current generation of children should spend more time outdoors and off their technological devices, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of sun protection. With Australia experiencing one of the highest levels of UV radiation in
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The 5 W’s of Retractable Roofs

WHAT is a Retractable Roof? Starting with the first of the W’s, you might be wondering what exactly a retractable roof is? Of course, its name gives it all away. A retractable roof is none other than a motorised roof system that can open up to reveal the beautiful skies with the touch of a
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Enhance Your Outdoors With Outdoor Curtains

Having an overhead awning or roof is ideal for providing shade and protection from the rain. However, when the sun is low in the morning or afternoon, causing glare and heat – a vertical system is ideal. Outdoor curtains address this issue and also act to enhance your outdoors – it’s no wonder they’re increasing
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Retractable Roof Over Deck

Although roof shading systems like retractable roofs over decks may seem similar to others, such as magically disappearing roofs, they do differ! Let Aalta guide you through the differences below.
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Australian Made Retractable Patio Awnings

If you’re planning to use your outside area, you will need to make sure it is protected from the harsh sun. Aalta’s Patio awning is a sleek, modern retractable awning that provides excellent shade. With a number of design options, why not let Aalta guide you on the best possible retractable patio awning at your Sydney home or outdoor space and let the magic transform your outdoor area!
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Create Your Perfect Outdoor space

Want to make the most of your outdoor space but are finding it too hot in summer and too windy and rainy in winter? Then take a look at Aalta’s shade options. They have everything from retractable roofs to drop down awnings to make your third space more liveable. Why not check out the range on Aalta’s website by following the link or checking out their recent blog post on how to easily create the perfect outdoor space.
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4 Benefits of folding arm awnings

Have you been looking for a beautiful awning which can be neatly tucked away with either the click of a button or a few turns of a crank? Then take a look at Aalta’s folding arm awning range. They don’t only look stunning, but they are also retractable, highly durable, stylish and can be used for multiple purposes. Aalta has four types of folding arm awnings, each with its own benefits. Check out Aalta’s recent blog post on the benefits of folding arm awnings and feel free to check out on website by clicking on the link
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