Patio Awnings


The Patio Awning, also known as a Conservatory Awning, was designed in Europe to provide shade over glass roofs and conservatories. Due to the Australian climate, glass roofs are not so common, however, the Patio Awning's application has extended to cover decks, patios and balconies.

The Patio Awning is a sleek and modern motorised retractable awning that extends along guide rails. When retracted, the awning fabric is completely rolled up inside the head box, creating a neat, clean-lined structure over the area.

The awning can be mounted on existing structures or custom-designed pergola frames built by Aalta. Patio Awnings intercept the harsh rays of the sun before it hits glazing or areas below the frame, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the intenstitiy of the heat or harmful UV rays.

The Patio awning is built of corrosion resistant materials, withstanding much of the harsh Australian climate. With a choice of the highest quality polyester mesh fabrics, or solution dyed acrylic fabric, you can be sure of maximum sun protection when the awning is extended.

  • Premium sun and UV protection when using your outdoor space
  • When retracted, it is unseen so you can enjoy the open skies - whether a balmy summer evening, or a sunny winter's day
  • The Patio Awnings are equipped with electrical operation, using a tubular motor and are operated via a remote control with the option of sun and wind sensors.
  • The guide rails, front rails and headbox are made of the highest grade powder-coated aluminium
  • Brackets, screws and other fittings are made of marine-grade stainless steel
  • The fabrics are UV rated, and treated against mould, dirt and mildew and come in a wide variety of colours
  • Some of the models offer protection from the wind and rain, so you can create an outdoor room or dining area
  • With its slimline and discreet design, the Patio Awning complements any style of home, cafe or commercial area
  • The Patio Awning's components and mechanisms come with a five year warranty



The VZ520 Patio Awning is a motorised retractable awning that operates using a wheeled runner, cord drawn system. The front rail extends the fabric along side tracks. The VZ520 is ideal for providing sun protection over balconies, patios and decks.

  • The fabric and front rail are kept under constant tension by means of a spring system
  • The VZ520 wheeled runner system allows for the smooth running of the front rail along the side tracks or cables
  • All components are fabricated from corrosion resistant materials with the head box constructed from extruded aluminium
  • A wide range of Dulux powder coat colours are available to complement your home or existing framework
  • The Hi-tech Spectra Cord guarantees a long life for your Patio Awning
  • Minimum width per unit – 2 metres, maximum width per unit – 5.5 metres, maximum projection per unit – 6 metres, maximum surface area per unit – 25 metres squared, units can be joined together making the width almost unlimited
  • Extrusions and parts are imported from Europe, cut to size and assembled in Sydney

The Zip Patio Awnings are fully imported from Europe. Using a zipped track system, this motorised retractable provides protection from the sun, rain and wind, enabling you to create a beautiful outdoor room that can be enjoyed through all seasons.

  • The ingenious zip system includes concealed, stainless steel springs within the guide rails
  • The fabric remains taut, making the awning extremely wind-resistant, up to 140km/h
  • As the fabric travels inside the guide rails, the awning is completely closed so there are no gaps between the fabric and the sides, avoiding the bright strips of sunlight on the exterior of the fabric for better climate control
  • The awning’s components, head box and guide rails are sleek and slimline and are made of the highest-grade powder coated aluminium. With the large range of RAL colours and textures available, you will find the perfect colour to complement your style.
  • Fabrics are thermally and acoustically insulated, durable, dirt repellent, fire-resistant and available as either translucent or blackout
  • Some fabrics are waterproof, allowing you to use your awning even in the rain!

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