What is a retractable roof?

A Retractable Roof is an openable roof system that concertinas back to open the roof area. Retractable Roofs give you protection from the sun, wind, and rain; and are a key component in creating your ideal outdoor space.

The membrane is made of a PVC coated polyester fabric and together with an integrated guttering, flashing and downpipe, Retractable Roofs are water proof.

The roofs travel along a lightweight track system and when extended, it is held under tension making it extremely resilient to high winds. At the touch of a button, the motorised roof retracts evenly and smoothly along side rails, stacking neatly under a protective sheet.

Retractable roofs are mounted on a pergola type structure, either custom-made from aluminium, timber or steel; or on an existing frame.

Why have a roof that retracts?

With a retractable roof you can:

  • have the option for shade, but still allow light through
  • retract the roof when the sun has gone down to reveal the open skies
  • extend the roof when it rains

With a permanent roof your only option is to have it constantly overhead!

Imagine a beautiful balmy summer evening and the stars are out – with the press of a button your roof can disappear. Unlike permanent roof structures you can enjoy the night sky!

Perhaps you own a café or restaurant. With a retractable roof you can extend the roof and create an alfresco dining area that can be used even on a rainy evening without losing your clientele and retract it when the weather is fine.

Aalta's range of retractable roofs

  • Retractable roof component without posts or beams
  • Mounted on existing or custom-made pergolas
  • Integrates with all styles of homes and commercial spaces
  • Retractable roof with posts and front beam
  • Standard powder coated aluminium frame or custom-made timber pergola frame
  • Suitable for modern homes or commercial spaces
  • Retractable roof with dual posts and rafters without the need for a heavy front beam
  • Custom-made stained or painted timber pergola frame
  • Suitable for contemporary homes or commercial spaces
  • Cantilevered Retractable Roof without posts or beams
  • Timber or steel stays
  • Suitable for homes and commercial spaces when posts are not possible or where an uninterrupted view is desired


  • designed to withstand strong winds of up to 100km per hour and heavy rain*
  • available in a range of materials including powder coated aluminium, exterior grade treated timber and stainless steel
  • optional gutters and downpipes, allow for rainwater harvesting
  • PVC coated polyester fabric is waterproof, saline proof and fire retardant
  • include motorisation and remote control operations
  • five year warranty on structure and components

*Please note, each site has varying environmental conditions depending on the geographical location and surrounding topography which may affect the use of the roof. The limitations are site specific and need to be evaluated individually.

liberty retractable roof

A Liberty Retractable Roof is the essential roof component. It does not come with posts or beams and is installed onto either existing or custom-made frames. This allows the property owner, architect or builder to integrate the roof component into the design of the building so that it is a seamless extension between the indoors and outdoors.

Aalta's team will liaise with you to make sure the design of the pergola frame is suitable for the roof component to be mounted onto. We can even design and install the frame ourselves if you don't have a builder or architect that you are working with.

Having designed and installed countless Liberty roofs across Sydney and further afield, we are confident that we will help you integrate your Liberty roof into your home or commercial space so you can enjoy your outdoor area for months of the year.

Papilio retractable roof

A Papilio Retractable Roof comes complete with the pergola frame and includes posts, front beam and guttering.

The basic Papilio has a powder coated extruded aluminium frame, integrated gutter into the front beam and downpipe within the front posts.

Aalta also supplies and installs custom-made timber pergola frames made from sustainably sourced, exterior grade timbers as an alternative to the standard aluminium frame. The timber can be either painted or stained, depending on the look you wish to achieve.

Flashings, retractable guttering and downpipe ensure that the roof drains water so that you can enjoy the outdoors even in inclement weather.

The Duet Retractable Roof is a bespoke design, featuring dual posts and rafters on the pergola frame.

The stylish and contemporary design of the Duet is one of Aalta's most popular roof systems. The pergola frame is made of stained or painted timber, depending on your aesthetic appeal.

Due to the robust double posts and rafters, a heavy front beam is usually not required to maximise your outlook.

As with all our Retractable Roofs, the Duet has a built-in drainage system to allow for water harvesting and withstands high winds, allowing you to create a beautiful outdoor area for either your home, restaurant of commercial space that you can use in all seasons of the year.

vista retractable roof

The Vista is a cantilevered retractable roof that utilises strong stays anchored back to the building, removing the need for front posts and beams. The support stays can be either steel or timber, integrating with the design of the building.

The Vista is ideal for outdoor areas that have a commanding view as the absence of posts and beams allows you to enjoy your view totally unobstructed. It is also suitable for outdoor areas where posts are not possible.

Aalta’s retractable gutter on the roof ensures efficient water drainage when the roof is extended and retracts with the awning. The result is a beautiful alfresco space, protected from the sun, wind and rain, with uninterrupted views.

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