Learn all about Old Mates Place Sydney

Sydney’s secret rooftop bar - home to wonder and a great escape.

Old Mates Place was indeed  proof 

Of a Sydney rooftop bar that could do with a roof.

From the street, the rooftop bar is rather disguised

Only the clued in will find this secret Sydney bar, yes only the wise

A retractable roof is what we designed and installed 

Perhaps a hat for the Magic Dragon standing 5 stories tall?

Learn all about this magical Sydney rooftop bar below

Sydney’s favorite bar where experience and plants grow.

Old Mates Place Sydney | 4/199 Clarence St Sydney

Opening hours of the Sydney bar | Tue-Sat 5 pm-2 am; Sun 1 pm-2 am

Andres Walters, co-owner of Old Mates Place, a hidden rooftop bar located in Sydney, recently described his bar to embody the mystical “Puff The Magic Dragon.” (Watch video above)


When I first heard this I was rather bemused… How does a Sydney rooftop bar personify a cartoon dragon?


Dre proceeded to explain that Old Mates Place is “a magic place you go to, and most people just get blown away” he continued “they walk in the door and they don't expect what is here and it kind of keeps on evolving as you go from one bar to the other” 


After this clarification, it made perfect sense. 

It was clear because  I had just undergone my first-hand experience of finding and seeing this magical rooftop bar for myself. Simply trying to find Old Mates Place for the first time is an event in itself. Walters says  "Finding us is half the adventure"

The entrance to Old Mates Place 4/199 Clarence St Sydney
Take the lift to fourth floor. Old Mates Place is just through the door
The decor inside Old Mates Place Sydney. Sydney's secret rooftop bar

The bar's first floor feels as if you have walked into your great grandfather's gentleman's club. The dashing timber furnishings are illuminated in amicable lighting cast from grand chandeliers that you may find above a dining table in an old English royal's house. The tall ceilings are lined with bookshelves endowed with an extensive library of vintage hardback books. 


Plants grow amongst the red leather drinking dens as if they have been there since the days of horse and cart. The bar boasts an abundant array of malts, fine tequilas, and Caribbean rum, comprising a back bar lineup that stands 300 strong.


In the corner of the first bar, a noble staircase alludes to yet another elusive space.

View of Sydney City from the top of Old Mates Place Sydney

Walter refers to the space as a “Rooftop bar surrounded by plants”. Dark timber decor weaves its way throughout the rooftop bar. A captivating 260-degree view of Sydney city's urban landscape surrounds the rooftop bar. 


The rooftop bar’s greenery evokes a sense of calm and lushness. It’s as if you have stumbled upon an oasis in the middle of the Sydney concrete jungle. 


The staff sure knew what they were doing, despite their casual attire of an untied bow tie and rolled sleeves. Armed with their proud armada of spirits the gentlemen and woman were quick to whip up a delicious array of cocktails. The likes of toasted poppy seed Predecessor or fruity Strawberry Bloody Maria grave the menu with so much more on offer. I can confirm the cocktail menu is diverse, refined, and very delicious.

The rooftop bar at Old Mates Place Sydney
The seating situation on the rooftop bar located at Old Mates Place Sydney
Showing the view of Sydney's centerpoint tower from Old Mates Place rooftop bar

Old Mates Place does have a food menu to accompany their drink selection. It consists of Philly cheesesteaks and a rotation of cured meats. This rooftop bar has and will continue to make an impression on Sydney's bar scene.


We got wind of this enigmatic yet magical rooftop bar because we had the privilege to install a retractable roof upon the rooftop space.


The retractable roof was designed and implemented to make the space more functional despite what the weather is doing. Rain or sunshine Old Mates Place rooftop is a comfortable place to enjoy a cold beverage with stunning city views.


All in all the for Old Mates Place went smooth - Considering we had to haul a roof up four stories of the building (But more on that later)


Upon reflecting, I wonder if Andres Walters (The Lobo Plantation, Kittyhawk), partner Gabrielle Walters (Black by Ezard) and mate Daniel Noble (Ramblin' Rascal Tavern, Mojo Record Bar) knew back when they conceived the idea of this bar that it was to become a green dragon with a round belly?


Want to find Old Mates Place for yourself? Here is a guide as to how to find the hidden bar…


  • Walk to 4/199 Clarence St Sydney (5-minute stroll from Wynyard station [link to wynyard]
  • Make your way up to level four - Either take the stairs or the lift [pictures]
  • Enter the door on the right at the top of the flight of stairs
  • Enter the 1st floor of Old Mates Place
  • Stairs to the rooftop bar are located at the back left of the 1st floor of Old Mates Place


Patrons at Old Mates Place Rooftop Bar enjoying a beer

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