Shade sail Kangaroo Valley

In a Valley that is known for its pristine flora and fauna.
Why wouldn't you want to maximise your time outside?

In a rather large valley, you can find a humble abode

That has a lot of quirks as if it was plucked from a Dr. Zues episode

There are trees all around that the sun shines through

You may see a furry wombat or if you're lucky, a jumping Kangaroo

Rivers wind like snakes through broad fields of green

In this wondrous place, it may feel like you're in a dream

The valley's history is a place of rejuvenation

Just being there induces a state of deep relaxation

So when our friendly clients phoned and said they wanted more time outside

We thought this to be a marvelous idea and a Shaderunner we shall provide.


We believe that outdoor spaces should be enjoyed and utilised.

The Shaderunner® is an attractive, cost-effective retractable shade sail that is a great way to provide shade over a space. This retractable shade sail was installed to make the northwest aspect courtyard, of this home in Kangaroo Valley, more usable in the hotter months of the year.
The Shaderunner® retractable shade sail has also been very popular over decks, balconies, and pools.

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