Shaderunner Retractable Shade Sail - when all we need is a little shade!

A lovely couple just on the outskirts of Sydney contacted Aalta Australia – they were in need of some shade!

Living in rural surrounds, they had undertaken renovations to their property and had been working on the outdoor area. Both have very busy schedules, and their aim was to create an area where after a busy day at work, they could relax in the shade on their extensive porch. Having laid some gorgeous sandstone pavers sourced locally, the area was not only generous in its proportions, but ideal to take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape and open skies.

The problem was that although the porch was covered with a sizeable roof, the sandstone area reflected a lot of heat, which then caused significant discomfort when outside during the day.

After a little bit of online research, our clients contacted Aalta for a quotation for a retractable roof. They had already visited some showrooms of other suppliers and had even received a few quotations to cover the sandstone area with a retractable roof system.

Backyard needed some shade from the sun

Although we love the retractable roof systems and find that they are often the best solution, after a lengthy discussion, it did not seem like a retractable roof was necessarily the best option.

There was ample room under the eave over the porch to furnish the area with outdoor furniture and to entertain. They didn’t need another area that was weatherproof, which is what a retractable roof would have provided.  Hence, the cost of a roof system did not justify the use they would have had from it.

What they needed was to shade the paved area to keep the rest of the porch and the house cool. But of course, it needed to be retractable so that they could have the option to allow the winter sun to warm the house.

Aalta felt that a better option for this area would be a Shaderunner®. The Shaderunner® is a great product for providing shade! And this is what they needed. It is a lightweight system that can be installed without the need of a heavy frame, which suited their outdoor area. Being manually operated, it was also a cost-effective alternative.

Aalta visited them at their home and aside from the delicious home-made brownies they offered us, it was important for Aalta to see the area to work out how the shaderunner would be installed, given that the structure needed to be mounted above the roof and out to the fence.

Aalta proposed a 6090mm wide x 5000mm projection, manually operated Shaderunner®. It was to be fixed to two steel posts down one end and to the roof with three roof ‘extenda’ brackets on the stacking end. The fabric chosen was a 95% Outlook mesh in Bronze. At less than half the price of a retractable roof, this seemed like the best solution.

The result is a gorgeous, paved area with the Shaderunner® unobtrusively providing shade when needed. It’s easy to operate and looks amazing when it’s extended. Our clients can relax and enjoy being out on their porch without the intensity of the heat previously experienced.

Retractable shade sail for outdoor area to protect from sun

If you need assistance shading your outdoor area so that you can maximise its use, contact us on 80654911.

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