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Outdoor Living

Our aim is to create your 3rd space, so whether that means a warm, cosy courtyard with lots of colour, comfy lounges, and cushions or a modern, monochrome, minimalist patio with mood lighting, we can help you.

In conjunction with our retractable roof and awning products, we can supply you with additional products that will complete your outdoor experience.

With simple changes such as lighting, heating, new furniture or simply moving furniture around, you can make a huge difference in how you use your space.

We would be delighted to talk to and see how we can help you improve your outdoor living experience.

Here are some things to consider when setting out to redesign your outdoor area:


  1. What are the natural surrounding assets that can be accented or preserved? For example, the view, a garden feature
  2. What are the natural surrounding elements that need to be blocked out for example, noise, an unattractive fence or a neighbouring house?
  3. Is there poorly utilised space or are there items restricting thorough-fair and flow of an area? If so, what furniture can you move around to better use the space?
  4. What items do you need to lose? For example do you have too much outdoor furniture? Is the outdoor dining table too big for the space or the wrong shape?
  5. What items should you keep? Do you have a piece of art or a sculpture that could be highlighted in your outdoor area?
  6. What soft furnishings would enhance the usability of your outdoor area? Some outdoor curtains, screens, cushions or an outdoor rug?
  7. Is the area too stark or dull? Even if you don’t have a “green thumb”, some potted succulents look great on a deck or balcony – not only do they soften the area and add colour, they’re also really hard to kill!
  8. Is the lighting too bright in the evenings? Do you need to put dimmers on your lights or do you need new lights?
  9. If you are planning on using your outdoor area in the cooler months, do you require outdoor heating?
  10. Is the outdoor area useable in the rain or in the heat of the day? If not, perhaps you should consider what type of weather protection the area requires.

We would be delighted to talk to and see how we can help you improve your outdoor living experience. Whether it’s lighting, heating, furniture or design, with a network of renowned architects, landscapers and designers and contacts within the outdoor furniture industry, we can source and procure products to complement your style and suit your budget.


If you want to transform your outdoor space so you can live life outdoors for more months of the year, why not contact us?