The Papilio retractable roof is a modern and stylish structure with single posts and a front beam. The standard frame is made of powder coated aluminium and the front beam discreetly holds a gutter for drainage. Aalta also supplies the Papilio in a timber frame, either painted or stained, which creates a more natural looking structure, blending in with the natural Australian environment.

The supporting structure of a Papilio retractable roof system allows for straight drop screens to be fitted so that you can create a totally weather proof outdoor room. Unleash your inner interior designer and furnish your outdoor area with rugs, cushions, heating, lounges etc. whilst keeping your outdoor room safe from the effects of rain and inclement weather.

For a more organic look, the Papilio is also available with curved rafters (powder coated aluminium only).

Click here to download technical information on a Papilio Retractable Roof.