Retractable Roof Over Deck

Retractable Roof Over Deck

Although roof shading systems like retractable roofs over decks may seem similar to others, such as magically disappearing roofs, they do differ! Let Aalta guide you through the differences below.

What is a Retractable Roof?

A retractable roof is an openable roof system, made of PVC coated polyester fabric that travels along a lightweight track system to open the roof area. When extended, the roof is held under tension, which ensures it is extremely durable and resilient to winds and rain. Best of all, Aalta retractable roofs are automated, so you can control your roof with the touch of a button. For full control over your outdoor environment, a retractable roof is key.

Are Retractable Roofs Right For You?

If retractable awnings aren’t right for you, why not consider our magically disappearing roofs? Our roof shading systems are ideal for when you want to completely open up your space – and allowing you to gaze up at that magical night sky and stars. If you’re feeling chilly, you can just as easily close it up, allowing it to act as a water and condition barrier, whilst also being a shading system – and more!

Our Roofs

Aalta understands the importance of design and quality, and as such, our roof shading systems and retractable roofs combine both to transform your outdoor area into an attractive and functional outdoor living space. If you’re interested in shade and protection from the elements, privacy or simply increasing your quality of life, our retractable roofs can help.

Aalta provides a variety of options, from custom-made timber support structures to a wide range of powder-coated aluminium frames and even free-standing systems. This means that no matter which property you have, whether residential or commercial, we can design and supply you with a retractable roof that will allow you to make use of the outdoors all year round.

Benefits of Retractable Roofs

1. Retractable roofs offer ideal shade, whilst adding aesthetics and modernity to your outdoor areas. Although in spring, the sun’s warmth is welcome, in summer it can feel overbearing. Retractable roofs provide shelter from the scorching Australian sun when extended.
2. Water-proof – in heavy rains, the retractable roof, when extended, is held under tension, and with a 6 degree pitch and integrated guttering system, it provides protection from the rain, so you don’t have to pack up your alfresco lunch and race inside!
3. Unlike permanent roof structures or aluminium tilted roofs, you can enjoy a completely open sky by retracting the roof with the push of a button.
4. Retractable roofs can be customised to fit your needs. This includes easily combining them with outdoor blinds and/or curtains to create a complete outdoor room.
5. For night-time entertainment, retractable roofs can be fitted with lighting systems.
6. Retractable roofs protects your outdoor furnishing, by shielding your furniture from both the summer sun and the winter rains.
7. Expands your outdoor living area. During our summer months, we all want to spend as much time outdoors as possible! Having a roof shading system and retractable roof allows us to convert our outdoor areas into enjoyable spaces.

Why Choose Aalta

Aalta Australia has provided shading systems, custom-made retractable roofs and awnings in Sydney for over 40 years. We are focused on creating beautiful outdoor areas that will enrich your quality of life – because in our eyes, outdoor spaces matter! If you’re interested in creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor area, contact us today.

We will stay with you for the whole construction process, from enquiry to finished product, during which we will assist with the design and layout to ensure that your outdoor space will be transformed to truly meet your needs. Aalta can maximise your space to make it bigger and spacious – so you can happily entertain whilst also having the opportunity to cover up should you desire to. Contact us today on 02 8065 4911 for more information.

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