Blinds and Curtains

beautiful sheers curtains for your home or office space

Aalta’s quality sun and shade systems now extend from outside to inside. Working in partnership with Piega we now have the whole house or commercial building covered with a range of internal and external window furnishings for your home, office or commercial building.



Internal window furnishings are not only functional in reducing the sun's glare and heat from your home or commercial area, but are also stylish and elegant, making them a worthwhile investment!

Our range of internal window furnishings include:

  • roller blinds – functional, contemporary and easy to operate, they are available in screen, light filtering and blockout fabrics with motorisation available for convenience
  • roman blinds – a more decorative option, that provides classic, clean lines with the versatility of soft furnishing fabrics
  • curtains – a great way to dress a room, endless array of fabrics in sheer, light filtering and blockout fabrics. From classic to contemporary, simple to sumptuous depending on hardware, fabric choice and pleating styles


Outdoor curtains are an elegant and stylish addition to enhance your outdoor area and it’s no wonder they are increasing in popularity.

Having an overhead awning or roof, whether retractable or fixed is perfect for providing shade or protection from the rain. However, when the sun is low in the morning or afternoon, a vertical system is required to reduce the glare and heat.

Outdoor curtains are a modern alternative to traditional straight drop awnings. The softness and fullness of the fabric gives a new dimension to otherwise hard lines that are often seen in outdoor areas. When there is a breeze, they billow beautifully adding a romantic and whimsical element to your outdoor area.

Not only are they functional in reducing the heat and glare, they also provide privacy from neighbours and add comfort to your outdoor space.

Beautiful and functional

With a variety of beautiful outdoor fabrics now available on the market, the curtains are custom made here is Sydney. The slim and compact aluminium powder coated curtain tracks are of the highest quality and are available in black, white or platinum. The tracks can be straight or bent up to 100mm radius to go around corners if required.

Outdoor curtains will add colour, texture and movement to your outdoor area. Have some fun with contrasting or matching cushions, rugs and potted plants to create your outdoor living space.

Piega is a Sydney-based internal blinds, curtains and soft furnishing specialist. With a focus on design, quality and service, Piega offers fashionable but timeless blinds, curtains, shutters and cushions.

Director of Piega, Alison Walker has had many years’ experience in the window furnishing industry and has worked extensively with private clients, interior decorators, architects and builders. Alison is passionate about providing beautiful window and soft furnishings which don’t have to cost a fortune.

Piega’s aim is to help you design an indoor space that is a reflection of your personality and creativity.

Their representative will ensure a customised solution to your internal window dressing needs that will meet your style, requirements and budget.

Affordability is essential to Piega, however, this does not mean “cheap”.  Quality, beauty and style is never compromised but optimised to meet all budgets.

Expert advice from Piega for internal blinds and curtains
Alison Walker, Piega

With a mobile showroom, servicing all of the Sydney Metropolitan area, we encourage you to contact Piega for blinds and curtains in your home or commercial space.