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Straight Drop Awning

Aalta’s Straight Drop awnings are Australian designed and manufactured and are suitable for balconies, verandahs and windows. These custom-made, elegant awnings run along stainless steel guide wires and provide privacy and protection from the sun. They are available with or without a hood to compliment the exterior design of the building. There is also the option to have the Straight Drop awning mounted to a bottom rail to either the interior or exterior of the balustrade. This secures the screen to provide maximum protection from the sun when fully extended.

Straight Drop awnings can be combined with your retractable roof to provide you with the ultimate in outdoor living.

Our Straight Drop awnings come standard with a manual crank operation but as with all our awnings, have the option to be motorised.

The awnings come with a three year warranty on all parts and mechanisms.

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