Shore Fixed Roof

The Shore Fixed Roof is ideal for those who want to permanently cover an outdoor area.

The Shore Fixed Roof is constructed using patented Australian components. This light construction system is based around a bracket that allows two pipes to be joined at any angle, on site, without welding.  A PVC coated polyester membrane is fixed to this structure. The result is a light-weight water-proof curved canopy that can span large areas of up to 12m width and 7m projection without the need of interior support posts. The Shore Fixed Roof can be integrated with an existing or custom-made pergola or support structure.

Being water proof, the roof allows you to create an outdoor area that is protected from the sun, wind and rain. With flexibility in designing and constructing the supporting pergola, Aalta’s Shore Fixed Roof integrates wonderfully with your home or commercial building, transforming your area into an aesthetically pleasing and functional space.


There are many applications where a Shore Fixed Roof is the ideal product for sun, wind and rain protection.

  • Carports
  • Pedestrian ways
  • Pool areas
  • Courtyards and decks that are exposed to high winds
  • Playgrounds
  • Cafés, bars and restaurant outdoor dining spaces

If you need permanent shade and protection from the wind and rain contact us for a consultation.

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