Many of our projects do not need approval from a local council. These fall under the category of Exempt Development, which means that the project complies with specific standards and land requirements.  For more information on exempt development call us.

Depending on the project, you may need approval from your local council or accredited certifier.

Some projects may fall under the Complying Development category which is a fast track approval process. Provided that the job meets with certain criteria it can be approved by a council or accredited certifier without needing to submit a full Development Applications. If you would like more information on Complying Development call us.

Other projects may require a Development Application (DA) to be submitted to council. For more information regarding a DA call us.

We will assess your project to see which type of application is needed and advise you accordingly.

Should a DA be required, we work with our associated draftsmen who will prepare the necessary plans and documentation for lodgement of the DA, addressing council requirements so that the application process can be done efficiently.

We will follow up any further requirements by council to alleviate the usual stresses involved in this process.

The decision to grant approval to a DA is made by the individual councils.

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