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Outdoor Living Solutions and Awnings Woolloomooloo

Aalta Australia is a leading provider of outdoor living solutions and awnings in Woolloomooloo.

Want to give your customers valuable shade? Or enjoy the ultimate outdoor paradise in the comfort of your backyard? You can choose from an extensive range of products to meet your unique needs.

Every product you order from Aalta Australia can be customised to match the style of your current home or business. From Roof Profiles and Fabrics to Colours, Gutters and Drainage Systems, we make it easy (and fun) to express yourself freely.

No matter where you are in Woolloomooloo, Aalta Australia can supply and install your outdoor living solution to any location.

For total peace of mind your order is covered by the official manufacturer warranty and workmanship guarantee.


✔ Custom-made for your outdoor space

✔ Council-approval assistance

✔ Professional installation

✔ Quality construction and materials

✔ Low maintenance

✔ Manufacturer warranty and workmanship guarantee

Take the first step to enhancing your outdoor space with a FREE site inspection. For all enquiries about outdoor living and awnings in Woolloomooloo, call (02) 8065 4911 or send your online enquiry.


Outdoor Living Solutions


Based on your lifestyle needs and budget Aalta Australia can supply and install for you:

  • Retractable roofs
  • Retractable awnings
  • Shade sails
  • Awning recovers
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Shore fixed roofs
  • Outdoor living (i.e. heating, lighting, furniture, decking and landscaping)

Proudly made in Australia, each product is designed to protect you from the elements and look stunning with very little maintenance. All fabrics are UV-rated to reduce heat transfer and fast-drying to prevent mould-growth. Each support frame is made from either anodized aluminium or powder-coated steel to prevent the build-up of rust and corrosion.

You can choose to have a manual or electronic Retractable Awning, Roof, Shade Sail, Blinds or Curtains in Woolloomooloo. Each product is made with the latest technology and equipment to deliver a seamless outdoor experience.

If your project needs council-approval, the team will prepare the necessary documents and apply to the local council on your behalf.


Why Choose Aalta Australia


Aalta Australia has over 40 years of industry experience and a strong network of local and international manufacturers.

Whether your project is big or small, you have the total support of industry leading experts – such as project managers, builders, architects and designers – who are committed to exceeding your expectations in every way.

From consultation and design to council approval, planning and construction, you are guided each step of the way to ensure journey is easy and stress-free. Plus, each stage is carried out with consideration to your budget and timeline.


Request a FREE Consultation


At your FREE site inspection a trusted consultant – not a salesperson – will visit your property and discuss your project requirements.

During the consultation they will find out about your lifestyle wants and needs including your budget. With these details they will recommend the best design options and give you a FREE price estimate.

For all enquiries about outdoor living and awnings in Woolloomooloo, call (02) 8065 4911 or send your online enquiry.

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