Protecting Your Family from the Harsh Australian Sun

Are you protecting your family from the sun’s harmful effects?

While there’s no doubt that the current generation of children should spend more time outdoors and off their technological devices, it can be easy to lose sight of the importance of sun protection.

With Australia experiencing one of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world, there is much concern for the damage that the sun can do to your family’s skin. Outdoor shade is a must in most playgrounds and schools – but what about in your home?

Awnings and shade systems are the answer

Keep your family’s backyard activities free from the sun’s glaring rays with the use of awnings and shade systems! Although fixed shade sails are common, they are not always the best option as they cannot retract – meaning you are stuck with a structure that is always visible.

However, retractable awnings and shade sails are most ideal, particularly as they are easy to operate and can be made to magically disappear. So, whether you’re seeking shade, but still wanting to be outdoors, or basking in the open sky on a warm winter day when the UV rays are low, you can rest assured knowing you and your family are free from the harmful effects of the sun.

What type of retractable awning is suitable for you and your family?

retractable that gives shade for deck

Retractable Roof

At Aalta Australia, our retractable roofs create an additional living space while providing shade from the sun as well as shelter from the rain and wild elements. As an extremely strong structure sustaining high winds, a retractable roof allows your family to enjoy the outdoor space throughout the seasons. In fact, the maximum area for one roof system is 84sqm – giving your children plenty of room to play outside and still remain protected from the harsh sun.


Retractable shaderunner Shade Sail over pool


Not only are our shaderunners cost-effective and lightweight systems, but they can also span long distances – making them the perfect sun protection solution over pools, courtyards and backyards. Shaderunners are also great for kids to run around or swim underneath it, without the need for heavily supported overhead tracks. If you’re in need of shade over your pool or simply want to create a beautiful outdoor area, don’t hesitate to keep shaderunners in mind.


Motorised awning over backyard

Patio Awning

Patio awnings offer a discreet and contemporary look and provide optimum sun protection over decks, patios and balconies. Complementing modern areas, our patio awnings are motor-operated – and depending on the width, can be extended up to 6 metres. In particular, they come in handy for the quieter moments where the children need downtime, but you can’t have them inside the house!


Aalta Australia – the finest awning and shade systems

For expert installation of awnings and shade systems in your home, look no further than Aalta Australia. Having helped homeowners around Sydney create a beautiful third space for over 40 years, Aalta Australia is the go-to for your custom shading and awning needs.

Get in touch with us and be one step closer to achieving that beautiful, shaded outdoor area in your home.

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