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Welcome to Aalta Australia, we’re your local installer of outdoor shading, retractable rooftops and awnings in Parramatta.

Our team are passionate about enhancing the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. That’s why we take a personal approach to understand your budget, project scale and lifestyle needs.

We have many years of experience improving the outdoor living experience for residents in Parramatta. Our team of local tradesmen and consultants are highly knowledgeable in domestic and commercial construction.

When it comes to getting projects approved by the council – we have a high success rate.

Whether your priority is relaxing, entertaining or catering for commercial customers, our range of undercover solutions are tailored for any situation.

Our Solutions

Our range of manual and remote operated shades, awning, rooftops, blinds and curtains are designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Using the handy remote control, you can enjoy total control of your outdoor living area. For additional convenience, the optional wind, sun and rain sensors protect you from the elements, without any effort on your behalf.


With retractable awnings in Parramatta, you can choose from a range of UV rated fabrics to protect you from the harsh elements. These fabrics are resistant to the effects of rain, extreme heat, and corrosion. Plus, they’re fast-drying.

  • Folding arm awnings
  • Patio awnings
  • Retractable shade sails
  • Shaderunners
  • Drop arm awnings
  • Straight drop awnings

Retractable Rooftops

Our retractable rooftops are made from PVC coated polyester fabric, which travels along a lightweight track system. The material helps to reduce heat transfer and glare while protecting you from rainfall. Plus, the polyester fabric absorbs noise caused by rain or hail.

When fully extended, the rooftop is held under tension to avoid being damaged by wind or rainfall. With fast-drying material and resistant to corrosion, your retractable rooftop will preserve its pristine quality. And with very little maintenance too!

Take a look through our most popular rooftop styles, and see which one captures your eye:

  • Liberty
  • Papilio
  • Duet
  • Canopy
  • Vista

Outdoor Living

Looking to overhaul your entire outdoor living space?

Trust our experienced consultants to bring your living area to life. We offer you a range of additional products to enhance your outdoor living experience. Whether you need new lighting, heating, furniture, landscaping, decking or general construction – our team can organise it for you.

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Our team are available all year round to fulfil your outdoor living needs. For a FREE onsite consultation, give us a call on (02) 8065 4911 or send your online enquiry. We’ll be happy to answer your questions regarding the installation of rooftops, blinds, curtains and awnings in Parramatta.

If you want to create your 3rd space why not contact us today for a consultation?

We want to work with you to help you create a fantastic outdoor area. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and see how together we can transform your outdoor area…