Papilio Retractable Roof | Mosman

About this project

Creating functional outdoor living areas is what makes us most happy at Aalta Australia. So when we finished up the job featured below, packed our tools up, said good bye to the client, and finally walked away from the site, we had some very broad smiles on our faces. The area we helped create is modern, clean, aesthetic and highly functional. The painted timber frame of the retractable roof projects proudly over the sand stone courtyard, creating an array of vectors and textures that were made to be together. The lines of the roof are continued by the clean vectors of the landscape architecture. Our photographer highlights through the images just how much greenery can add to these out outdoor living spaces.

The retractable roof spans a generous 6.5 m by 3.5 m (roughly) held up by three 135 mm square posts. The retractable roof is equipped with a retractable gutter, down-piping, flashings and a storm water connection. Aesthetically the roof finished up beautifully with the grey painted finish sitting nicely against the opaque white fabric and the natural sandstone tiles. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Aalta’s retractable roofs is that they provide total weather protection, standing winds up to and over 100 kilometres per hour.

The motorised straight drop blind is 3355 mm wide with a drop of 2860 mm, and was powder coated to match the Papilio frame. It was installed to give our client as much relief from the sun as possible, especially in the later hours of the day.

The space went from being a magnet for harsh summer heat to an aesthetic and functional living area that will enable the family to enjoy, no-matter what the weather is doing, and that makes us happy.


31 October, 2017