Timber Duet retractable roof | Manly, Sydney

About this project

 Quintessential outdoor living

Aalta Australia strives to help our customers achieve their ideal outdoor living space. That is why we were extremely happy after completing this retractable roof in Manly, Sydney. The owners of the Manly home completely utilised the space that the retractable roof created by carefully designing all aspects of the outdoor living area. The carefully arranged pots, plants and succulents bring a sense of life and ease to the area whilst the eclectic use of furniture and texture give the space character and flair. The frame for the Duet retractable roof is made of an H3 treated pine timber that complements its predominantly natural surroundings, giving the balcony a tree house feel.

The video above displays the functionality of our range of retractable roofs. With a click of a button our retractable roofs can neatly retract back to let the plants and the inhabitants of the household get the sun they need! What the video does not display is how effective the retractable roof is at providing wet weather protection. When the roof its completely out at full tension the membrane acts as a roof, shedding water into its front gutter and then into the down pipe. Having this control over the conditions of your outdoor living space is really what differentiates this product from other shade alternatives. The space under our retractable roofs is a space for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying no matter what the weather is doing.

Retractable roof Manly

With the click of a button your retractable roof can neatly fold away.

Retractable roof timber frame

The H3 treated pine timber frame provides an organic aesthetic to the retractable roof structure. Blending it harmoniously into its natural environment.

Retractable roof sail

The translucent PVC membrane provides weather protection when it is out or can be retracted to take full advantage of the sunshine or a starry night’s sky.

Retractable roof providing an extension to the houses living space

Here we see the retractable roof acting as an extension to the Manly family home’s living space. The outdoor space can now be utilised as an area to entertain, lounge, dine and relax no matter the weather.


21 July, 2017